Khajal was created by Lucía Piquero during a choreographic residence in Bordeaux, France, during an intensive period of creation. Based on a recent experience in a congress
for performing arts in Palestine, where she discovered and experienced more about its people and customs. The piece works mainly on their most astonishing capacity: to feel joy, to turn dark situations into creative outputs. Inspired also by the Arabic calligraphy, the piece explores the idea behind the word “khajal”, that can mean both shadow and imagination, responding to this ability to turn dark issues into opportunities.
The work is a trio for women, three strong and versatile dancers with whom Lucía has worked before, and that can embody this difficult thematic and render it beautiful. Working throughmovement qualities, something that she has been exploring in her work (both practically, and theoretically through her ongoing PhD research), the emotional power of movement is explored. Although the work has a clear socio-political inspiration, it stays away from being preachy or obvious: it is an exploration of emotionality in dance, any statements are left to the audience’s interpretation.
Choreography: Lucía Piquero
Dancers: Nikita Goile, Emma Louise Walker, Stefania Catarinella

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• Length: 12 min
• Performers: 3/4
• Language: English/Arabic
• Minimum performance area: 6m x 6m