Funding cuts

It is difficut to write anything dance related these days and not refer to the funding cuts… Sad news for all.
However, maybe something other than panic and horror could come out of this. I know we mostly hate it when people from the funding bodies say that it’s time to start collaborations… But maybe it is! Ok, we are in a very individualistic time, where most artist put their own names to their companies because that’s what counts and that what people want (or is it?). But we should not forget that it has happened before that in difficult times artists get together to rebel and find that it is much more productive.
Maybe the funding cuts will make us all a little bit more careful about the budget for a production and maybe we can remember that dance is much more than super special effects and amazing costumes. And maybe we will all emerge from this difficult time a little bit wiser and with lots of artistic collaborators.
Or maybe there is a reason why the Southbank Centre Move test called me an idealistic mover…