On sitting on giants’ shoulders

There are moments in which an idea for a piece just appears in front of you. Usually, this inspiration is brought by the magic of other, much greater artists.
In my case it’s usually literature, I read and suddenly a sentence hits me as having enough material to create a whole piece from it. It’s usually just a feeling, a vague idea of the mood… Lots of them go almost as quickly as they came, which means they weren’t ready (or I wasn’t ready for them). But others will leave a tiny seed, they just won’t wear off, and they’ll keep growing and attacking your thoughts every two minutes, until there is no other option than to start researching and planning. You can delay them, but a battle against one of these ideas is a lost cause!
An example? Benedetti! (Anthem:Absence was born from one of these fighting ideas).
Another… Medusa and Maya, the idea of the truth and the illusion… An idea I used for 60×60 and I will develop because it won’t leave me alone.
Another one hit me this morning, it is from a book by Ian M Banks:
“Nevertheless, there was another reason -the real reason- the dockyard mother didn’t give its warship a name; it thought there was something else it lacked: hope ”

I’ll let you know what happens!

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  1. pararás un minuto? vas a ser la coreógrafa mas prolífica del mundo Yo quiero ser tu asistente cuando sea mayor!!!!!

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