The unbelievable difficulty of things… Or something like that?

Just a quick thought… Or several…
So if you’re trying to be a dancer but cannot find lots of opportunities, the best thing would be to create the opportunities yourself, right? If it happens that you love choreography and people tend to not hate it when you do work, then much better! Now there are a couple of problems with this, first: you can’t really earn your living as an emergent choreographer only; second: the more you do your own work, the lesser will your CV look for potential companies auditioning (or so is what it feels like).
Now for the second problem there isn’t really much solution but to keep trying.
For the first one, though, there is. You can get another job. And basically one of the best things you can do if you love dance and teaching is exactly that, teach dance. Ok, lots of people just do it because of the money, I really think this should only be an option if you actually like teaching, love it, even.
Then this has another problem, it takes lots of time from your dancing and your choreographing… And, guess what? It makes your CV looks less like that of a professional dancer for auditions!
It all feels like a bit of a trap, but I’m not complaining, really, I don’t think I’d like it if things got easier too fast!
I do, however, find it amazingly amusing!