To Federico…


It’s been ages since the last time I wrote in here… I know, but indulge me…
I have just finished a project, the always invigorating and exhaustingly beautiful Estancias Coreográficas, and I am right back on our next production: Vespers.
Vespers is a mixed bill where DDG will host CienfuegosDanza, a Spanish company headed by the one and only Yoshua Cienfuegos. They will present The Public, inspired by the homonymous Lorca play.
From DDG, I will direct Blood Wedding, also a work based on Lorca’s famous play.
Today marks 80 years since Lorca was assassinated, because of who he was, personally, artistically, politically. He was silenced that day but he still speaks strongly through his work. He was passionate about doing theatre that mattered, about taking it to the people.
We embark from the respect, the inspiration and the passion that his work instils in us, and we only hope to be worth at least of writing his name in our programme as a homage.
Today, more than ever, I think that art, dance, needs Federicos, to be personally, artistically, and politically (socially!) invested in the work. Principles, like the ones who got him killed, are easily abandoned. It might be with half the bread and a book, but it will be with all we can give it.
Forgive the enthusiasm (or not, or join in), sometimes you spend two weeks with amazing people, generous people, intense people that work passionately on what they believe in, and you cannot help but get contagious of the little Federico in each of them.