4 days to go

Ok, easy choice today. I’m going with the amazing Mikhail Baryshnikov! Here in Don Q. My favourtie moment here? Well… shamefully… the cups hitting the floor on music 😉

And for contemporary today… Mr Duato! Yes, yes, I know, he’s sometimes controversial, and not very loved in this lands… But you have to understand, when I started dancing he was The Choreographer in Spain (there were more, obviously, but not so well known) and we all loved his early style, and I also like some of his later and his movement in general… Anyway, I’m going for the early type, one of his better known pieces, I think, Arenal. Here you can see Earth in a beautiful solo and then a trio in a very Duato-like structure, two male dancers and one female dancer. I especially love Earth, the small sequence around 0:06 to 0:09 ish (her feet…)!, and the intricacy and energy of the trio.