5 days to go

So here I am again, second day of the run up to tha International Day of Dance.

Today I have, I believe, a bit of a controversial choice of videos. Or maybe not?

My “ballet” choice  (or rather “balletic”) is Infra, by Wayne McGregor. I don’t always like what Mr McGregor does, you probably all know that by now. But Infra is one of the ones I like, possibly the best for me. Anyway, the moment on this video is more than clear, check out that amazing adage movement, I’m not even sure how to describe it. It’s 1:44 to 1:46 ish in the video. I have to admit, the fact that it is a Nuñez/Watson pas de deux doesn’t hurt either, gosh they’re beautiful… 😉

And for my next video, the contemporary choice, I’m going with Jiri Kylian’s Bella Figura, so I guess I have to warn you that this video contains partial nudity (though you’d know already I’m sure). Anyway, I’m not choosing this for a particular moment in the video (I find the whole thing gorgeous and love the fact that male and female dancers are made equal in this choice of attire), but for a particular, personal, moment in time: it feels like a hundred years ago, but I guess it was more within the range of… 13/14, in Spain they decided to have a TV show with Nacho Duato, showing his choice of videos of works to show people the kind of dance we weren’t really seeing in Spain 😛 They also decided that the best time slot for this programme was a Sunday night, well, around 1am Monday really… (I’m being generally mean, but this is true). So I watched it every Sunday/Monday and a friend of mine that didn’t have anything to do with dance watched it too (if you’re reading this, which I doubt, hi Santi! :)). When Bella Figura came up in one of the TV shows he said that he loved the fact that in the Dance World this could happen (he was referring to the nudity) without anyone going crazy about it, because we were all used to working with the body. I’m not entirely sure if he was right or not, but I loved his vision of the openness of the dance world. So here we go, Kylian’s Bella Figura


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