6 days to go

For the International Day of Dance. And what a better occasion to pick up this poor abandoned blog! So here’s what I’m going to do: every day of this week I’ll share one ballet video and one contemporary dance video from which I’d choose a “perfect moment”. A moment where everything comes together and just plainly works to perfection.
You’re hereby invited to send me your own ideas of perfect moments, and I’ll share all that I can here too.

For today, however, I’m adding one more dimension to the idea: today I want to say Happy Books Day (I know, it’s all a bit confusing, I believe here in the UK it’s actually called Books Night, but in Spain we celebrate Books Day today and I just can’t let go of this one ;))

So my choices are to do with stories coming from books. And also, for the ballet video, I’ve chosen to homage the great Tamara Rojo, as she was newly appointed director of ENB as you all well know by now. Congratulations and best of luck to her! (And if the second video can serve as a hint, better even :P)

So here they are, the partnership that we’re all crying for 😉 Anyway, my choice is not so much of a moment I have to admit… It’s the whole of Juliet’s variation. I think in there comes together all that is Juliet, and the beautiful music and the masterful choreography, and I love the way Tamara interprets it!

The second, contemporary dance video, is for Lorca and Mats Ek. The House of Bernarda Alba in Ek’s interpretation. If you’re Spanish speaking, excuse the swearing! 😉 Also notable in this video, the superb Ana Laguna.

I have to admit that I’m not all convinced by this version (though I’m dying to see it live!!), but that’s because I adore Lorca’s work and his symbolism and obviously Ek did his own thing with the play. I guess they’re just two very strong creative forces put together! The result, as you see, it’s explosive 😉 My moments in this video would be the beginning of the music, and the end, everything is just packed together there.

And that’s all for today, enjoy! and wait for more tomorrow!!