Anthem:Absence as part of Ingenium

Diciembre Dance Group would like to invite you to their next performance of Anthem:Absence as part of Ingenium, at the Actors Church, Covent Garden, 19th-21st of May 2011, at 19:30.
Anthem: Absence, a work by Lucía Piquero, with original music by Alberto García, is a series of emotional atmospheres, inspired by the feeling of social fight and revolution. Far from being a matter of history, as recent world wide events have demonstrated, revolutionary feelings are part of lots of people’s lives. Mario Benedetti’s poems are used both as a sound score and as a homage to the author, an icon of artistical expression of social issues.

We sing because the shout is not enough and it isn’t enough the crying or the quarrel we sing because we believe in people and because we will beat the defeat we sing because the sun recognises us and because the field smells like spring and because in this stem in that fruit every question has its answer – “Por qué cantamos” – Mario Benedetti

NB: Anthem: Absence is a reworking of the piece with the same name that DDG performed at Cloud Dance Festival in July 2009.
Ingenium is a choreographic platform featuring the work of six small-scale dance companies: Antique Dances, Beyond Repair Dance, Maxwell Dance Project, Uchenna Dance Company, Diciembre Dance Group and Embody Dance. They’re all working under the umbrella of contemporary dance, but expect a range of styles, approaches and themes, bringing in influences from ballet, theatre, street dance and beyond. Created in August 2010 by Holly Noble, Artistic Director of Antique Dances, the platform aims to help and provide emerging dance companies, of all genres, the opportunity to showcase their work in the beautiful surroundings of The Actors Church in Covent Garden as well as providing a regular platform for dancers and choreographers to participate in. Along with offering choreographers a unique opportunity we also hope that the platform gives people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to come and explore and being involved with exciting new and innovative dance.
Tickets (£10-15) can be bought online at or on the door.

The Actors’ Church St Paul’s Church, Bedford St,London WC2E 9ED

Anthem:Absence Actors Church Flyer