On wanting to put my head in the freezer

I know, it’s a weird title! (Though I think it would look great in a programme as a title of a performance).
Well, yes, that’s what I feel like doing at the moment, first because that way maybe it’ll finally stop for a minute, and then because I need some “fresh” ideas (hehehe).
I have been a bit lost for a while, in this whole being a dancer and a choreographer thing, and I thought I might get out of it by just ignoring it but it isn’t working. And it’s starting to translate into my choreography, as in: my last piece was pretty much crap and I didn’t enjoy it at all, and possibly made my dancers feel the same.
So I need to come up with more ideas to find the path again (suggestions welcome). Holidays might be an important part of this :p
First part of the plan is starting to collaborate with people in choreography, and I’ll have more news about this very soon.
Second idea could be either to stop choreographing and try and dance for other choreographers to be inspired again at some point (or not).
Or it could be to just change completely the kind of work I’m doing, challenge myself to a different style or method.

I have also been finding an almost complete lack of professional behaviour around the world of dance, and maybe this just means that I am a bit too demanding in what I believe it is to be professional.

To end in a happy note (I’ve been writing very depressive posts lately), go on and check the Junior Dance Company web and blog (blog is only in Italian for now). A new youth company in Bari, founded by our lovely co-director Sara Accettura!