A new promise… (“Art as a weapon loaded with future”)

… to update this more often, to use it as a board to air thoughts, as a blank paper where to sketch designs and ideas, to use the process of “bouncing” the info so that we can learn from you, readers (whoever you are, thanks for being here!).

And to start with this new promise a great quote from Jack London, that is inspiring a new process of creation, maybe a piece, who knows!!

“Man, awake, is compelled to seek a perpetual escape into Hope, Belief, Fable, Art, God, Socialism, Immortality, Alcohol, Love. From Medusa-Truth he makes an appeal to Maya-Lie”

I prefer to identify Maya with Illusion, instead of Lie, but I leave this up to you as well.

Medusa? Or Maya? Can we be both? Can we be neither? Is really Illusion opposite to Truth in this world we live in? What about the performing arts world? I would say there is lots of Maya going around so that we don’t have to bring Medusa up… and that bringing Medusa up through Maya is exactly what the arts should do. Maybe that’s why dance can be so dissapointing sometimes (the materialization of dance that is, not Dance in itself).

We might be soon getting into the studio with another piece, mine this time, but there’s still lots to be thought in this case! Part of a bigger project and a very old wound that needs to come out somehow! More on this one soon 😉

We also have lots of ideas for things to come, let’s see how much we manage!

So back to our discussion of today… how much is this Medusa/Maya problem a choice? Is really dreaming with a better world a lie? is art a way to escape from a world we don’t like? Or could it be a way to change it? I know, it sounds very idealistic, but why should that be a bad thing? At the end, art is made BY human beings FOR human beings, so why wouldn’t it be a way of changing things?

It has been said before, and much better that I do, so I’ll leave you to your own thoughts with an extract from a really good movie called “Noviembre” (directed by Achero Mañas), inspiration for the name of our group and for many more things…

Nosotros creemos en un arte que sea capaz de cambiar los corazones de la gente…
Que les alegre, que les de fuerza… un arte que les haga sentirse vivos… un arte que llegue directamente al espíritu de todos los hombres, y al de todas las mujeres… un arte que los haga conscientes, que los mejore como personas… un arte universal, un arte sin fronteras ni religiones, sin razas… y creemos en él como en un arma, pero no un arma de fogueo, un arma de verdad, un arma que se pueda hacer oír, y que tiene que dar en el blanco…


We believe in an art that is capable of changing the hearts of the people…

That would cheer them up, give them strength… and art that would make them feel alive… an art that would get straight to the spirit of all men, and of all women… and art that would make them conscious, that would make them better persons… a universal art, without borders or religions, without races… and we believe in it as a weapon, but not a starting pistol, a real weapon, one that could make itself heard, and one that has to hit the target.


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