Dancing in Spain

Happy new year everyone! DDG wants to wish everyone a very very dancey 2010!!

We are now back in London (well, actually half of the group is still away, so better to say I am back in London!), ready to start the new year with new rehearsals of old pieces, and hopefully new projects!

We had a fantastic experience in Spain, performing in the week of dance of Asturias. The piece was well received by the audience, and also by some dance professionals around! (For the Spanish readers, see Elisa’s comment in the last post).

A very special thank you note to Elisa! 😀 And also to Alberto, our composer, who saved the day making a new piece of music in about an hour! There’s a reason why we call him “maestro”!!

Thinking about it, 2009 has been the year for DDG. Even though we were officially born around September 2008, our first performance was in January 09, and after that came a year full of adventures. This last performance, on the 30th of December, marked the 9th one. Not too bad!

We have one already scheduled for 2010, so it should be full of activities! Keep checking this blog!

Just to finish, a quick thank you to all those that make DDG possible: the dancers! (and I have to say special thanks to the lovely co-directors Lisa and Sara); Alberto, Dámaso and Álvaro (we hope you join us soon on stage!! And wish Dámaso a very very speedy recovery!); family and friends that are there all the time; Mavin, who helped a lot with the rehearsals for Alba; and Edi, for an amazing amount of support, patience, and, generally constructive :P, critique. Stay with us for another year guys!!

Enough of the cheesy moment now, more soon!!


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