Happy International Dance Day!

And so, it has come!

First things first: here is a link to the IDD 2012 message by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. (You can also look around and see why today is designated as IDD)

Now, the videos for today I had decided a long time ago. The ballet ones, in fact, inspired the whole series. The contemporary ones, well, I think you’ll understand when you see them. I think I’m going to miss this daily posts!!

To start with I have a video of Marianela dancing Gamzatti that I’ve been obsessing over for a good while now. The perfect moment, and one by the book here (technique, music, artistry, all come together in one second) is around 2:16, but it’s better if you pick it up a bit before, say beginning of that amazing pirouette at 2:12. I have no words for this moment, so I’ll just leave you with it.

And an all time favourite, that I always happen to find when I’m looking for nothing on YouTube, the great Baryshnikov in Giselle. Again is the end of a turn that I’m going to choose. And this happens to be the end of a variation too. But it is another case of sheer perfection: technical excellence, musicality and expression (the way his head and arms go up in that last turn a la seconde, for example). You can catch the turn I’m talking about around 0:52. But again, and the same with Nuñez’s variation, watch the whole thing, it is much better 🙂

And now for the contemporary, a creative force that left us rich, but orphans, Pina Bausch. I could give you a hundred different perfect moments from her work, but I will try to give you just enough to make you go and watch some more! And by the way, if you haven’t seen Pina, the movie, do, it’s a beautiful experience. I’m not choosing perfect moments here, it is such a personal experience and it makes so much more sense when watched as a whole. I’m leaving you with a short extract though, so it’s a perfect moment in full 😉

And to finish, the beautiful Pina herself.

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