The joy of new beginnings

It has been a couple of very exciting (and exhausting) months. And they have been full of new beginnings for me, mainly new job and new country!
The great Raymond Chai told me before I left London that sometimes only the idea of a change in your life will affect your energy and the way you dance, and he is so right!!
But not only that, I have experienced something that had last happened a long time ago: I’m learning a dance form from the start: Flamenco! Took my first class a week ago and another last Tuesday. The excitement of not knowing what comes next, how the class will develop… It really keeps you on your toes (no pun intended ;)). It also adds new perspective to your dancing in other forms (ballet and contemporary for me).
Also, after a life of training to not make noise… I am enjoying stomping sooo much!!
Then I witnessed another kind of beginning: I have started pointe work classes for the students (not to make them dance on pointe, but to strengthen their feet and legs) and two of them had never done pointe before. I went with them to the shop to get their shoes fitted (and almost fought with one of the ladies who didn’t seem to know how to fit pointe shoes… But that’s anoter story). Their faces changed completely the first time they put a shoe on, and also when sewing the ribbons and elastic and during the first class. It is energising to see young dancers beginning new things too! (I am aware that I’m sounding really old at the moment, forgive me ;))
Clearly this has been a theme lately, and during this week I learnt what Diwali is and got to celebrate it with two lovely people. Apparently during Diwali you are supposed to start doing something new. Maybe we should all find a way to do that sometime!

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