Hello world!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the very first post of our new blog! We will post news about DDG’s performances, document (more or less!!) our creative process, and discuss any interesting topics in the world of dance nowadays! Follow us and collaborate with your own comments!

For the moment, just say that the creative process of our last work “Kensington Gardens” is alive and well! At the moment we are finishing music and choreography, and I will be travelling to Spain to join the rest of the performers very soon! Keep watching this space for more info!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Ah Vale!!! Es fácil
    Ha gustado mucho la representación de ayer.
    Estuve hablando con Cristine y me ha dicho que cree que falta un poco de rodaje en el mundo profesional, pero que la pieza estuvo bien bailada e interpretada y que se notaba en ti una gran evolución.
    ya pondré más cosas

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