Injured body, injured brain?

I have been out of training for a bit due to a back injury, I’m only just starting to come back to classes and not even doing the whole thing… I know it is quite common to feel down and find it difficult to do the rehab exercises (or I hope it is, otherwise there’s something wrong with me!).
What I find quite surprising is that I find it equally difficult to do anything dance related (i.e. Updating the blog more often, applying for things…). And above all, thinking about new choreographies!
I’m really glad our next show is an improvised dance installation, I’d be in trouble otherwise.
So I guess it’s only fair to be thinking about the reasons for this… And apart from the general blues and the fact that the back is quite a central part of the body and can feel like the whole body is achey… The only thing I can conclude is that we’re so used to thinking with our bodies that when the body is in no condition to do anything the rest would only follow.
I hope this gets better with time because what a business otherwise!!