Second and third weeks of rehearsals in Galicia

I know… it’s taken me ages! But technology and I… anyway!

So the second week I was on my own preparing things for the third one, in which I received our lovely Spanish dancers Carol and Marta to work on the individual and group violence.

We worked on several ideas for the first part of the piece; peer pressure and how it makes it difficult to recognise individual ideas or choices, the effect this individualism has in the group when it starts to show, this idea reversed: the effect that a group can have in a person to make her/him act in a different way (in a violent way in this case), and other similar ideas.

It was quite difficult to work on group pieces without the whole group, but we have the whole piece more or less defined, and all the movement made, so the whole piece is pretty much finished (the only thing is that not all the dancers know it, and we still need to check spacings and things of that sort).

The last part of the piece will be about another kind of violence against the individual: the one that we impose ourselves, influenced by marketing campaigns or cliches about how or who are we supposed to be. This part is, however, still in the definition process, and even though I have a clear idea of set and structure, I’m not so sure about movement… I’ll tell you more when, well, when I know it! 😉

Again I’m leaving you with rehearsal footage of bits and pieces of this third week:

The most difficult part of this part of rehearsal was… you won’t believe this… rehearsing in Spanish! I don’t know how to anymore, all my dance vocabulary is in English… So I bet Marta and Carol had a great time laughing at me for speaking weird!